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Dragon Fortress Guide by yakksoho

I could not find any information on the web about this game so I decided to make my own. I created all of the content and images on this site so please always give credit to yakksoho.

Table of Contents

Basic Information about Dragon Fortress

Types The four types of dragons are Drake, Serpent, Wyvern and Naga. There are five different eggs you can get for each of the four types, making 20 starting dragons in all. Each of these dragons can evolve into two types, which can in turn evolve again, for a total of 10 Tier 3 dragons in each type.

Excluding Legendary Dragons, there are 40 Tier 3 dragons, 40 Tier 2 dragons, and 20 Tier 1 dragons in the game, for a total of 100 dragons.

Traits Each egg you hatch will have a unique Trait. This determines the passive effect of the dragon. The Traits are Healthy, Powerful, Defensive, Swift, and Skillful. The passive effects are Health Up, Power Up, Defense Up, Speed up, and Resist up respectively. When you evolve the dragon its passive effect may change from Tier 1 to Tier 2; but it will remain unchanged from Tier 2 to Tier 3.

Attacks There are six groups of attacks based on different elements; one affects a single enemy and one affects all enemies (excepting Light Beam, which heals all of your own dragons.)

A Tier1 Dragon will carry over his attack to one of his Tier2 forms; the other form will use the complimentary attack in that element (exception: Ryujin.) A Tier3 dragon will have the same attack as the Tier2 dragon he evolved from (exception: Guivres.)

The six attack elements are: Fire (Fire Breath/Flamespiral); Earth (Tremor/Quake); Lightning (Lightning Bolt/Thunderstorm); Light (Light Arrow/Light Beam); Ice (Iceberg/Blizzard); and Wind (Tornado/Tempest.)

Attack Target Drakes Serpents Wyverns Naga
Fire Breath Single Mushussu
Raging Mushussu
Rage Armor Mushussu
Hairy Boitata
Fiery Hair Boitata
Firehorn Guivres
Triple Spike Guivres *
Piggy Yam
Twin Flamehorn Yam
Flamespiral All Flamy Mushussu
Flare Red Mushussu
Snakehead Boitata
Brace Snakehead Boitata
Baldhead Guivres
Burning Forehorn Guivres *
Groggy Yam
Round Mouth Yam
Quake Single Tuskfang Tarasque
Fanhead Tuskfang Tarasque
Wise Orochi
Boundless Wise Orochi
Lace Wyrm
White Crown Wyrm
Silverhead Lotan
Silver Helmet Lotan
Tremor All Tarasque
Horned Tarasque
Nimble Horn Tarasque
One-Eyed Orochi
Stormy One-Eyed Orochi
Bullhorn Wyrm
Drill Bullhorn Wyrm
Metalhead Lotan
Metalhead Cocky Lotan
Lightning Bolt Single   Spiky Ryujin
Spike Crystal Ryujin
Crocohead Bolla
Hairy Style Bolla
Thunderstorm All   Lock Ryujin
Lock Predator Ryujin
  Yellow Peck Bolla
Duckhead Bolla
Light Arrow Single Nidhogg
Tailed Nidhogg
Fiery Tail Nidhogg
Metal Conrit
Metal Head Conrit
Lightning Zilant
Lightning Speed Zilant
Light Beam All+Heal Scaled Nidhogg
Bulky Armored Nidhogg
Fanhead Conrit
Light Nosehorn Conrit
Witty Zilant
Quick Wit Zilant
Iceberg Single Smok
Ice Horn Smok
Scale Armored Smok
Ryujin *
Riverie Apalala
Spike Riverie Apalala
Piggy Apep
Evil Piggy Apep
Blizzard All Ice Armor Smok
Blizzard Armor Smok
  Spring Apalala
Miracle Spring Apalala
Vacuum Apep
Hyper Vacuum Apep
Tornado Single Keen Amaru
Keen Armor Amaru
Spiky Jormungandr
Snake Whip Jormungandr
Spin Typhon
Leafy Spin Typhon
Widemouth Kur
Elephantusk Kur
Tempest All Amaru
Finhead Amaru
Shield Scale Amaru
Venom Jormungandr
Venom Mist Jormungandr
Baldhead Typhon
Hurricane Baldhead Typhon
Greenhorn Kur
Longhorn Beak Kur

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Dragon Evolution Guide

If you want to avoid getting stuck with a really ugly dragon by mistake for the majority of the game, you can refer to this guide to avoid the really hideous ones. I myself was dismayed that my starting dragon, who started out quite nice looking, turned into one of the ugliest dragons in the whole game (Venom Mist Jormungandr.) Since he was also my strongest dragon, I had to use him for about half of the game until I had enough resources to replace him.

Now you can avoid this unfortunate situation by studying the images below.


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Fafnir the Imperial Drake
Illuyankas the Tyrant Serpent
Tiamat the Empress Wyvern
Azhi Dhaka the Majestic Naga

If you want to see the Legendary dragons you will have to play the game for yourself!

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Dragon Fortress Tips by Yakksoho

Early Game

Mid Game

In General

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Upgrade Priority

Since fighting is automated, your strategy in this game is largely your choice of what to upgrade first (how to spend your money.) Here are some suggestions, in order of highest priority. My reasoning is explained in the foregoing paragraphs.

Upgrade Early and Often
  1. Dragons (obvious)
  2. Warehouse (to afford the important higher upgrades)
  3. Magic Barrier
  4. Watch Tower (decrease countdown for catapult & medic)
  5. Catapult
Upgrade Later or Incrementally
  1. Mills (you can more easily get money by exploring Caves)
  2. Medic (level up dragons instead)
  3. Gem Field
  4. Castle (focus instead on mills for resource gain and dragons to prevent defeat)
  5. Upgrade Attacker (helpful if you are collecting eggs)
Don't Bother (until end of game)
  1. Spy Team
  2. Upgrade Defender
  3. Upgrade Buffer (unless you are using Buffers)

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Yakksoho Reviews Dragon Fortress  

Feel free to send me your own reviews or opinions about the game.

Dragon Fortress is a really solid game with a unique combination of idle, exploration, and fighting elements. It draws from games like Pokemon but does away with the tedium; both exploration and fighting are fully automated. Like an idle game, you can choose which resources to emphasize and spend them on upgrades for your dragons. Dragon Fortress has many idle elements that eliminate tedium but preserves enough choice-making and interactivity that the player still feels involved.

The really novel thing about Dragon Fortress is that your exploration takes place automatically at the bottom of the screen, leaving you free to do other things simultaneously. This is a great feature that I have never seen in another game. Other games, like Caravan Beast, have implemented automated fighting, but the player has to sit through it bored stiff. Dragon Fortress avoids this problem elegantly.

Dragon Fortress is also mightly in its complexity. There are many areas to upgrade, and a town with a gambling house and trading post, in addition to the normal training, evolving, and fighting elements of the game. Part of the fun is exploring all these different options and learning about the things you can upgrade, then choosing how to spend your resources for the best outcome.

Still, Dragon Fortress has its faults. The town could be a little more interesting. I would have liked to see a traveling merchant unlocked after level 50, where you can trade potions, talismans, and dragon eyes (at a high cost.) It was unpleasant and tedious to farm talsimans later in the game, when trying to earn all the achievements. I never had enough talismans, but I had literally dozens of every other item. I had to go to the gambling house for long periods of time, sometimes only to get one of the talismans I needed.

Another problem with the game was fighting strategy. The battles just weren't very difficult. The dragons have 4 different types, with 6 different families of attacks. This could have been used as a strategy element - but in the end it just didn't really matter which dragons you chose as long as they were at a high level. It made the game too easy in a way.

My last complaint is about the attack families. I think there should have been only 5 (to match the 5 different subspecies of each dragon type.) I see no reason for the Lightning Bold/Thunderstorm attacks at all. The whole Ryujin family should have had Iceberg/Blizzard attacks, and the Bolla family should have had Light Beam/Light Arrow. This would have made a more elegant arrangement for the attacks.

These small criticisms aside, Dragon Fortress is an excellent and very polished game. The graphics are excellent and the game never lagged. It does not take too long to complete but is still satisfying to win. It did not get tedious and there were no back-tracking moments of annoyance (like Caravan Beast.) You could play it in one day if you wanted to. It also has many achievements if you feel like it, that are in no way essential to winning the game. It's not very challenging but is still fun because the player feels involved in their choices and it is interesting to collect all of the dragons.

I would give rate this game 4 out of 5 stars. It is definetly the best game of its type, and as far as I know is the only one to really provide good idle elements and collect-em-all fun. and is much better than all similar games that came before it (Caravan Beast, Awesome Happy Monster, etc.) With a little more strategy implemented, it would have been a 5 star game.

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You can contact me at yakksoho @ gmail com
Send me feedback, questions, or your own tips about the game.

I had a lot of fun making this website (even more than actually playing the game) and I hope you enjoy it.

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